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Supreme Birth Kit (Disposable Resuscitator)

Supreme Birth Kit  (Disposable Resuscitator)
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Price: $779.00AUD
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Model: BKSUP1

Supreme Birth Kit for Midwives (Disposable Resuscitator)


Comprehensive Kit for the Discerning Midwife - 40-60% Cheaper than similar birth kits sold in New Zealand and Australia. The most popular Birth Kit in Australasia *We have a Best Price Guarantee* 


Beware of Kits being sold elsewhere that do not disclose their contents. Every Day Low Price.


Supreme Birth Kit is a comprehensive birth kit for the mobile Midwife that provides care for Mother and Baby including Antenatal, Labour, Birth and Postnatal. The Supreme Birth Kit comes complete with all the high quality essentials required during birth and after. This Kit includes a Laerdal disposable resuscitator, Oxygen tubing and a 0/1 mask.


The bag is made of water resistant material and comes with 3 handy hard plastic compartmentalised trays, a total of 10 compartments of varying sizes stocked with the highest quality of clinical medical equipment that a midwife needs.


The kit weighs approximately 10 kgs.

The Supreme Birth Kit consists of essential clinical equipment required for birthing:

Umbilical Cord care

IV administration

Needles and syringes


Maternity care + Incontinence



Supreme Birth Kit Contents:


1 Laerdal disposable Resuscitator with Oxygen tubing and 0/1 mask

1 Mucous extractor

2 Sterile Cord Clamps

1 Cord Clamp Clipper

1 Amnihook

1 IV infusion Set 20 drops

1 Interlink injection site Leur Lock

1 Interlink Lever lock Cannula

1 Sodium Chloride 0.9% IV Solution 1000 mls

1 BD IV Catheter 16G x 1.16

1 BD Needles 18G

1 BD Needle 23G

1 BD Needle 25G

1 Syringe 20ml

2 Syringes 10 ml

2 Syringes 2 ml

2 x Syringes 1 ml

1 IV Tegaderm dressing

1 Foley Catheter Silicone 2 way 5cc 12fg

1 Female Catheter straight fg12

1 Sutures Vicryl Rapide 2/0 CT-1 36mm ½ Circ TP90cm

1 Suture Pack that consists of

1 Trolley Cover
1 Spinal Tray
2 Gallipot 70ml
6 Multisorb non Woven swab7.5x7.5
1 Fenestrated Drape no patch
1 Forcep, dissecting English TOE
1 Forcep, dissecting Sharp/Blunt
1 Needle holder Mayo hegar 14cm
2 Clinical Sheet 420x380

1 Maternity Pads Propak Unsterile pack of 10

6 Inco Sheets 40cm x 60cm

3 Inco Sheets 60 cm x 90 cm

2 KY Lubricating get 2.7g sachets

6 Gauze Swabs 7.5 x 7.5

1 Vaginal Swab - Prep Sponge

4 Pairs sterile latex gloves

1 Box of 100 non sterile powder free gloves

1 Welch Allyn vaginal specula (M)-use with light source

2 Kidney Dishes disposable

1 Paper Tape measure


A must have Kit for the New Graduate Midwife or an Independent Midwife who wants everything essential in one place. Due to the pandemic the kit now comes in 2 Midi bags instead of 1 Backpack bag

Ideal for Independent Midwives in New Zealand and Australia, Midwifery Clinics and Hospitals as a comprehensive, compact and handy mobile birthing system.

We can customise a birth kit for your requirements. Please call 09-26370166 or email,,



Supreme Birth Kit  (Disposable Resuscitator)
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Supreme Birth Kit  (Disposable Resuscitator)
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